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Siu Blue Wind 04-27-05 11:40 PM

Hello from the S.F Bay Area!
Hello, I'm trying to get back into cycling after many, many years of being a non-cyclist. I'm getting older and would like to stay in shape and be fit. I received for my birthday last month a comfort bike and I am slowly learning things about it through these forums. I'm really excited about this and hope I can be as passionate and educated about cycling as you all are!

JenM 04-29-05 11:37 PM

I must confess that I was this very day thinking of the pleasures and difficulties of riding in San Francisco. I live in L.A., but my heart's in the city by the bay. I love my comfort bikes! I hope you find ample inspiration to ride often in your beautiful area. ~JenM

jyossarian 08-04-06 01:50 PM

Hey Siu, how YOU doin'?

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