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RICK GROOMS 04-29-05 03:05 AM

Hi Ya'll. I Am From Texas, I Have Had Several Mountain Bikes Throughout My Military Career. Currently I Am In Iraq. I Never Would Have Dreamed I Would Find A Bike Over Here Worth Looking Into. But I Did! Anywho, Keep It Pointed To The Front And Duck Often!!!!

BookFinder 04-29-05 07:56 AM

Wow! As a former Marine, I can most certainly say that were I there, I would never think of riding a bike in Iraq even if I found one!

I don't know what you are doing there, but whatever it is, keep your head down, and your weapon clean. And your gun, too, of you know what I mean ...

Semper Fi,
Rick ... in Alabama

RICK GROOMS 04-29-05 08:35 AM

Hey I Know What You Mean Brother, But I Found This On From A Soldier Rotating Back To The States. I Am On A Fob That Has High Security And Low Threats For The Time Being. It Allows Us To Move About In Pt Uniforms And Such. It Hasn't Always Been This Nice Here. But, Believe Me When I Say We Are Making A Difference Here In A Country That Is Starting To See Democracy And Capitalism For The First Time In Decades. They Are Very Thankful. The Election Is A Testamony To That Fact. Yes, We Still Have The Dirtbags Here, And They Are Thinning Out....if You Know What I Mean.

Safe Riding To You, Hope To See You On The Trail Somewhere.

Lonestar1 04-29-05 07:25 PM

Hey, welcome to the forums. By all means, STAY SAFE,good riding & thanks for what you're doing over there.

Crack'n'fail 04-29-05 07:48 PM

Let me just take this moment to thank you and your brothers who are over there working to change the world. I can't even imagine what you all have seen and gone through, so I won't pretend to be able to empathize with you, but I know that I couldn't handle it, so I am grateful for those of you who do. I will say a prayer for you and your comrades.

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