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mikesuur 04-29-05 05:56 AM

Hi from Taiwan
Hi there,I am from Sweden but I have lived here in Taiwan for nearly 20 years now(time flies,eh?)We have a pretty active cycling club where I live.Rides range from 40-250 km.We mostly ride our road bikes,but sometimes we get off-road as well.I live next to the mountains so the riding is really good here.My cycling and the nice weather keeps me here.As lots of cycling stuff is made here,we are usually able to get some good deals.I hope to return to the other forums in the near future. Happy cycling and take care. Mike

Moonshot 04-29-05 07:51 AM

Just to make me jealous can you give me an example of a good deal there?

A Shimano Dura Ace 7800 10 speed cassette in the US is about $175.

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