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JenM 04-29-05 11:28 PM

Recumbent triker in West Coast
Hello, I have been riding a mountain bike for over 10 years. (That bike is still at my parents' house.)A few years ago I got a purple single-speed cruiser (VERY pretty-it's in our bedroom!), and now I ride my Logo recumbent trike(that one's temporarily in the living room), around my hometown of Santa Clarita, and also with the Ventura County Recumbent Riders. There is a picture of me on my trike here somewhere. Happy trails to you! ~JenM

Siu Blue Wind 04-30-05 01:28 AM

Hi JenM and welcome to Bike Forums! You say your heart is in The City and of course mine is too. There are lots of wonderful places that you can ride your bike. In Marin (just on the other side of the Golden Gate) it is so beautiful that you can easily forget you are in the Bay Area. We are so fortunate to live in California. Where else can I be so close to beaches and sun and so close to mountains and snow all within a few hours drive? Yes, we are fortunate. You can't find that in Arizona! Ride Safe!

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