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nerfin 10-20-15 06:54 AM

Back in the saddle
Hi everyone,

I just joined the forum, although I have been visiting, reading and learning from this site for awhile. It's a great forum!

I have just started cycling again after many years of neglecting my MTB and have found out it's true; you never forget how to ride a bike. I live west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I quickly realized when cycling every day that even though it doesn't seem hilly where I live (in a car anyway) there are a lot of hills!

My goal is to become more fit, enjoy the riding and ease my way into touring. Perhaps next summer I will complete a few 2 - 3 day trips self supported.

I just purchased a Trek 520 after doing some research, reading and test rides. I should be picking it up this afternoon. It seems pretty comfortable, simple and well built and I am confident it will be a great all around bicycle for me as well.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for their opinions, experience and feedback and look forward to contributing when I can.

Cheers and happy cycling!


10 Wheels 10-20-15 07:19 AM

Hey Nev and Welcome to Bike Forums.

obed7 10-20-15 07:20 AM

welcome to the forums... congrats on the new ride.

nerfin 10-20-15 08:06 AM

Thank you 10 Wheels!

nerfin 10-20-15 08:07 AM

Thanks Obed7. Much appreciated, and I'm looking forward to putting some miles on it.

ptempel 10-20-15 08:36 AM

Welcome and reminds me of the Gene Autry song: Happy trails with the Trek.

nerfin 10-21-15 06:13 AM

Ha! That's awesome Ptempel. Thanks for sharing, I will be humming that song when I hit the open road with the Trek. I took it out for a maiden spin yesterday (30 Km). I think it will be a good companion.

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