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Nuovo753 10-22-15 12:56 PM

Is it raining there?
Hi all

Steve here from Bingley UK. Picked up on this forum whilst grazing on info about bullhorns. Rides are vintage Bob Jackson (currently bar less) and a brompton for holiday purposes. Am lifting the ride position on the Jackson to ease my vintage neck.

RonH 10-22-15 01:43 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Have fun.

banana rat 10-22-15 03:16 PM

Welcome to the forums

YogaKat 10-22-15 03:18 PM

Welcome. I rode in the rain earlier today.

obed7 10-23-15 06:18 AM

welcome to the forums

BlazingPedals 10-23-15 12:44 PM

I don't like to ride in rain, and my mileage is down for the year because of it.

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