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oldrider2558 10-26-15 07:28 AM

hey, good day; here i r!
went lookin for a flickstand for my sirrus, ended up here...too cool! I've had two, on speeds back in my younger days. some people think I'm crazy for still bein out there ridin, I happen to know a few 50+ year olds that still ride. dieing might stop me! till then, keep on ridin!: :D

10 Wheels 10-26-15 08:18 AM

Hey Ya oldrider2558,

Welcome to Bike Forums from a 73 y/o trike road rider.

obed7 10-26-15 11:28 AM

welcome to the forum...we have a whole section of the forum dedicated to "old" riders... just about everybody I ride regularly with is over 60.

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