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rsterman 10-31-15 06:06 PM

I am the rsterman!
Howdy all,
I live on the eastern shore of Maryland, near Ocean City. I am a retired educator. My wife and I are very physically active to help stave off the inevitable. At this point we are dedicated pickleball players....we recently took a 15 mile bike ride with friends in Dover, Delaware. It was called the Amish bike ride. We had a wonderful time, and it kind of rekindled my desire to take longer rides. Did I say I took a tumble and had a beautifully large strawberry on my shoulder for a month.....thankful for the helmet, as I only suffered a small bump on the noggin. The helmet wasn't so lucky! Yikes....

I have a very selfish purpose for joining the forum. I recently fell heir to a 1975 Le Jeune Tour de France bike. The story is long, but the bike has not been ridden hardly at all. The mechanic at the local bike shop said anything that old wasn't worth reconditioning at all. I tried to get him to have a look at it, but he demurred. The only issues are 40 years of non-use....everything is original and in great goal is to make beautiful once again and to ride it many miles all over our "flat ground" here on the Eastern shore of is a beautiful bike waiting to be ridden as it never has been before. I can't wait!!

Thanks for reading,
The Rsterman

10 Wheels 10-31-15 09:40 PM

Hey rsterman,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Check with other bike shops to see if they know of someone in your area that could help with the old bike.

Check in with The Classic and Vintage Forum for some BF help.

rsterman 11-01-15 05:20 AM

Thanks for the advice 10 wheels.....I was surprised the local bike shop guy said it wasn't worth rehabbing.....I've always hoist "old & classic" we're worth resurrecting!

Barrettscv 11-01-15 06:18 AM

Old bikes are very enjoyable, see:

Also see:

obed7 11-02-15 06:23 AM

welcome to the forums

YogaKat 11-02-15 06:41 AM

Welcome to BF!

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