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Dupes 05-03-05 06:32 AM

Still chilly in NH...
Hello everyone! I am new here to BikeForums. 25 years old from NH. A friend of mine who is really into biking got me into the TdF, and shortly after (this past August) I bought my first road bike and have had the bug ever since. It is a 2003 Trek 2000. I have made a few upgrades, aerobars, etc. and really look forward to making cycling a part of my life. So far this board has been great. I am interested in doing my first triathlon later in the summer.

So, with that being said, thanks in advance to everyone who gives me advice!

JenM 05-06-05 01:02 AM

Sorry, no advice from me, just best of luck in that triathalon.

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