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Old 05-04-05, 03:05 PM   #1
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Location: BicycleSPACE warehouse in SW Washington DC
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What Have I Got Myself Into?

Hello all from the National Cathedral area of Washington DC. I arrived in the area back in Jan, and have been lurking around here for about a month. I decided to take up cycling as a method of commuting to my job in Bethesda. In the past I've always found an apt within walking distance of my job, but housing in Montgomery county is too high. I've never learned to drive, and I'm not about to run my Harley through the road salt in the winter, so I picked up a Trek 7200, slapped on some Pee Wee Herman fenders, and started pedaling. At first it seemed like a bad idea(my commute is all hills and the first couple days almost killed me), but it's become alot easier and I've managed to shave off 10 lbs in the process.

Now here's the problem: I seem to have developed some kind of weird bike fixation. It first manifested when I began to use my Harley as a bike rack. Rather than drag the bike up to my apt every night,I simply started locking it to the Dyna. After suffering this indignity for 2 months, it voiced its displeasure by backfiring(in an enclosed underground garage) the next time I went to ride it. I have since started locking the Trek to a water pipe, but I still catch the Dyna growling at the Trek from time to time. Next I began ignoring the HD entirely as I started burning all my free time by riding the bike around the neighborhood and local trails. Then I decided I needed something faster than the Trek, so I bought a Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra. This thing is fast as hell, but even with the front suspension it's a little rough to commute on every day. So I bought a Kona Dew Deluxe. It's faster than the Trek, but more comfortable than the Cannondale. Unfortunately, I decided it's too nice to run through the rain/snow/salt, and I wanted a beater with disc brakes(had a literal run-in with a car this winter caused by snow built up in my rim brakes), so I just picked up a Novara Buzz. Now I'm starting to get strange indeas about building a single speed just for S&G's.

So here I am, with a custom painted Harley with 95" kitted motor just sitting gathering dust while I'm amassing a stable of bicycles. I've put maybe 75 miles on the HD since Jan, while the bikes are taking over like well fed Tribbles. Things are getting so bad I've even caught myself looking at spandex shorts. Surely this can't be normal. It can't be the water(I only use bottled) and I'm not under any stress at work. Can anyone suggest some effective treatment?
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eert a ekil yzarc
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It is a simple and normal condition. X+1=Y, X is number of bikes you currently own, and Y, of course, equals happy. The duality of owning a motorized vehicle and riding bikes might have to be the next comic hero's purdon.

Oh and welcome to the forum.
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Wow, 4 bikes since January! You're my hero! Welcome back to DC and to this crazy bunch of people.
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Old 05-04-05, 08:36 PM   #4
Lifelong wheel gazer ...
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Personally, I can identify with your ... problem?

Then again, maybe it is not a problem.

In the last 35 years, I've owned a bunch of motorycles -- the latest is a gorgeous '91 Gold Wing SE, fully loaded, custom seat & driver backrest, Kennedy cell-set, GPS ... oh Lord, somebody hold me up -- I'm flashin' & feeling weak in the knees!

Uh, back to the subject.

Since taking up bicycling, I have ridden the motorcycle less and less. But I'm not about to part with it. My interests have changed somewhat, but the bicycle provides some things the motorcycle can not, and the motorcycle offers something the bicycle can't touch.

Spur of the moment motorcycle rides are pretty much a thing of the past, but I am doing more thoughtful planning of my periodic motorcycle trips. The last one was 2 & 1/2 days and 590 miles into a neighboring state to see several old friends.

Hey! Break out the Hog and do the Memorial Day ride to the wall. The riding season is here in full force, and you can have your cake, and eat it too!

Or, sell the Hog while Harleys are still bringing top dollar (their stock is down, you know), and invest in something like a BMW F650. The F is a nimble commuter bike, and an increadibly stong touring ride for a thumper. It will also open the door for weekend jaunts into the forest roads to pitch a tent and get away from the asphalt and crowds.

Yep. There is really no problem for you from my viewpoint. However, I'm now wondering why I have so few bikes ...
'80's era Cannondale Police bike
'97 Giant ATX 840 project bike (gave it to a nephew...)
'01 Giant TCR-1 purebred road bike
'03 Schwinn mongrel MTB

Status quo is the mental bastion of the intellectually lethargic...
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Welcome to the forums!

And I'd personally keep the hog, man. I wish I had a Harley. Seriously.

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Grind em til ya find em!
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sok - we've all been there! Actually my 91 Harley 883 modified is sitting in the garage very patiently waiting for me to have the money to have some major work done it (can you say triple tree boys N girls? - I knew you could!) I've bought 3 bikes in the past 6 months but one of them was a vintage road bike at an amazing deal so I'm not sure it counts? Anyway, one of the uninitiated masses commented I could've done the work on the Harley for what I paid for the bikes.....hmmmmm let me see: the vintage road bike might've bought me the new o-ring chain I need. The MTB would have probably bought me some tires, and the commuter bike might've gotten me the new sprockets.......guess the poor sod doesn't know the cost of upkeeping a Harley! ;-) The Harley WILL get fixed, but in the meantime - the bikes fix the need for the open road!+
Welcome to the club!
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: BicycleSPACE warehouse in SW Washington DC
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BookFinder: I've made every Rolling Thunder since '95 except '99(deployment) and '00(Korea). Already crossing my fingers against rain for this year.

CorsairMac: I know what you mean. It's funny when the guys at the bike shop quote a price for parts that's under 3 digits and say it's 'expensive'. My bikes' total is just over half of what I put in the Dyna's motor. Heck,the Trek cost less than one of my Harley jackets! ;-)
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Lets Ride
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Dude you will have to get treatment fast. After the biker shorts comes the shaving the legs and eating wierd foods You must get help now. I feel compeled to help you and think I can if you follow my guidance. I will take your 4 bikes. That should be a good start. Remember the first and most important realization has to be admitting you have a problem. Sounds like you have. So give me your 4 bikes. Please do not hesitate. Remember "those who hesitate... " . This may be your last chance.

Just trying to help. Welcome
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