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OC_Cycle 02-25-16 12:15 PM

Hi Everyone!
Hi Everyone,

I'm Stephanie and have been cycling for as long as I can remember! My dad has always been into cycling and usually rides 200+ miles/week. I used to attend bike club meetings in Pasadena with him when I was a little girl and it was so fun growing up in an awesome community of cyclist. I started racing when I was ten and then got into indoor volleyball for 8 years and traveled competitively for that. When I went to college at USC I started riding again and also going to spin classes. Since then I have kept up my riding and try to get out on the road as much as I can. Luckily, living in Newport Beach I have riding weather all year long.

I'm definitely used to my outdoor cycling gear so when I go to spin class I always want to wear my padded bib shorts because of the discomfort I will feel if I don't and also because I know I'll be able to work harder and have a better ride if I do wear my bibs. Being fashion conscience however, I obviously notice that I probably look pretty hardcore when I walk into a Soulcylce class with my bib shorts on in a room full of ladies (and men) with super stylish athletic apparel. I'm always looking for more stylish cycling gear and would love any suggestions you may have!


1nterceptor 02-25-16 12:23 PM

Howdy and welcome aboard!

What kind of bike(s) do you have?

RonH 02-25-16 07:00 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

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