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cjlynch 03-11-16 11:51 AM

Saddle Sore - what an intro?

Based in the UK. Just looking at this stage for good sound advice for a rider suffering with what I'm fairly sure (according to various sites relating to the condition) is a case of saddle sore.

Although I have ridden the same MTB, namely a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp for over 8 years. It's only the past 1-2 years whereby I have encountered discomfort in the gluteus maximum region, and more recently it's escalated somewhat. Now have a fleshy lump near one of the 'sit bones' (ischia tuberosities), not surprisingly, the one that hurts. Consequently, no riding at the moment.

Ok, I always wear padded shorts/trs, am roughly same weight, same saddle. However, I do tend to stay in the saddle, even during steep hill climbs (probably doesn't help, I know) and have been going more distance and hill work over recent months. I guess I'm answering some of my own questions, but I just wanted to consult you Guy's to see what constructive, sound advice you can kindly offer?

Thanks for your time.


Chris JL

10 Wheels 03-11-16 11:53 AM

Time to visit a doctor, before you get blood poising.

shoota 03-11-16 12:29 PM

Hi Chris, welcome to the forums. Did you even google this? I'm guessing it's been asked at least 3.4 million times. There's no new info to share. I get a little one every once in a while but when they get to be the size of what you seem to be describing you may want a doc to look at it just to rule out anything serious. Good luck my man, I know they can really ruin cycling.

PedalingWalrus 03-11-16 12:49 PM

wow. a doctor? You guys run to a doctor for this?

Anyway, my 2 cents - I ride about 30 miles per day, 4-5 days per week. I get the sore lump here and there. No big deal. This might be a dumb question but do you wear underwear while biking? Generally not a good idea as it bunches up or constricts and contributes to saddle sore. Also various cremes like chamois or Ho-Ha that get applied prior to riding to soften the skin and make it generally more receptive to what it is about to receive.

Last but not least, have you changed the angle of your saddle recently. It could be a contributor to your sores.

shoota 03-11-16 01:39 PM

Originally Posted by PedalingWalrus (Post 18601626)
wow. a doctor? You guys run to a doctor for this? I get the sore lump here and there. No big deal.

If he had described it as a sore lump then, no, I wouldn't say go to a doctor. But a "fleshy lump"? Idk but that sounds like more than your garden variety saddle sore.

obed7 03-11-16 02:05 PM

maybe it is just the description, but fleshy lump is NOT a normal occurrence with me. It would definitely not hurt to have a doctor look at it. Welcome to the forums and good luck.

10 Wheels 03-11-16 03:33 PM

Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 18601482)
Time to visit a doctor, before you get blood poising.

Rider friend got Blood Poisoning from one..Went down his leg and up into his hip.

cjlynch 03-13-16 06:11 AM

Thanks Shoota. Yes, just walking at the moment, and slow recovery etc.

Ultimately, you may well be right that I need to consult my GP, just in case.

I guess I also need to review the entire issue of saddle condition and possible replacement.

Thanks again.

All the best

cjlynch 03-13-16 06:21 AM

Thanks 'PedallingWalrus'.

No I don't wear underwear under the padded shorts/trs. I haven't tried cream yet, but feel I should give it a go.

Just walking for exercise at the moment, but keen to get back in the saddle. Talking of which, I reckon I need to review the entire saddle situation. No, I haven't moved or altered the saddle. However, I do spend virtually all the time in it, without standing. Stubbornly perhaps, just to keep the crank turning, particularly up longer, steeper climbs (bit of a personal challenge) in preparation for entry to 'Challenge rides' in the Summer, I hope.

I might consult the GP if recovery is too slow. I guess the fleshy lump near the left 'sit bone' is nature's way of buffering injury etc?

Thanks again.

Happy and comfortable riding.


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