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bikedude89 03-13-16 01:31 PM

Hey guys!
Been into cross country bikes for a while now, but feel like I need to discuss things more with other riders. This seems like the perfect place!

If anyone has more information about a folding mountain bike, please let me know as I am looking to get one instead of lugging my mountain bike on top of my car each time I ride.


cb400bill 03-13-16 03:04 PM

Welcome to BikeForums!

I suggest asking in our Mountain Biking forum or in our Folding Bike forum.

obed7 03-14-16 05:13 AM

welcome to the forums

airportsfirst90 03-14-16 05:57 AM

hello guys, I am new to this forum . Hope you all will suggest me new and interesting advice regarding any travelling topic.

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