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SuperClydesdale 03-18-16 05:26 PM

Super Clydsdale here to say HELLO!
Hello all, first post but have been gawking at this site for a while. Long story short I used to be an avid rider, and after sustaining a life altering injury and learning to walk again I am back on the bike! However now I am at my heaviest...350lbs. I dialed in my diet, and am loosing weight on diet alone, and was recently just medically released to bike again.

FAST STATS (only thing fast about me hehe):
Location: Outside Philadelphia in the suburbs (about 4 miles from a trail entrance that is awesome)
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 350lbs
Frame: Trek 730 (old steel frame from the 90's, fat man friendly)
upgrades: Volocity Dyad 48H wheels, and because I like to stay hydrated an extra water battle cage and lets face it I sweat a lot.

I have been on 3 rides so far, 6 miles day 1, 10 miles day 2, and 16 miles day 3.

Staypuft1652 03-18-16 06:40 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums! Nice bike, I used to have a 750.

RonH 03-18-16 07:38 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums and good luck with the weight loss plan. :thumb:

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