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desmodus 03-22-16 08:27 PM

Hello! Another newbie here!
Hi everyone,

I'm a 26 year old student trying something new! I began a weight loss journey several years ago and went from 375lbs to my current 232lbs. The problem is that last year in June I was 200lbs and steadily (but slowly) losing...and then I quit smoking. I decided that enough is enough, so I signed up for a cycling fundraiser in September from which all donations go to my local cancer center. It's a 25 mile road ride (not race). I'm excited but scared since the furthest I've ever ridden my bike was 12.5 miles last year on a mostly-flat greenway! I just started "training" 2 days ago, so my next stop is the training & nutrition forum to pick some cyclist brains!

Oh yeah, and I also have 8 screws in my hips so this should be an interesting experience for that reason too!

Looking forward to learning from you experienced cyclists!


ypsetihw 03-22-16 08:37 PM

25 miles is totally doable, in fact it's done. Just think of it that way. it is less than 2 hours cycling, and for some it's about an hour, but I doubt you are that fast yet. I know you have screws, so taking it slow and steady will be the goal. I'm over 200lbs too, however I suspect my body composition is a bit different than yours. cycling can be harsh on big riders, because you get the impression that everyone is a weight weenie. but that's not the case. google "toast bread with bike" and tell me that guy is a lightweight lol. don't get discouraged. just ride, and ride longer. at this point I can put down 10 miles in just over 30 mins. shoot to ride longer say 2 hours, and the 25 mile ride will fly by. you can do it!!!

obed7 03-23-16 05:09 AM

welcome to the forums... forget about speed and distance... just ride and keep it fun, the miles will add up and the speed will come.

Staypuft1652 03-23-16 05:34 AM


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