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rwhyde 10-11-16 05:33 PM

Greetings from Texas
Hello Everyone,

I found this site a number of times while searching for information on Univega's. I seem to have an attraction to them. Seems I end up here reading stuff, so wanted to join in the fun.
Hope everyone is having a great fall thus far. Almost getting nice in the Fort Worth area now.

cb400bill 10-11-16 05:38 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

Lots of Univega love in our Classic & Vintage forum. Here is a link to a long running Univega thread.

rumrunn6 10-11-16 06:39 PM

Originally Posted by rwhyde (Post 19116650)
wanted to join in the fun

post #1! right on! :thumb: welcome! got pics?

making 10-11-16 09:03 PM

I am thankful it finally cooled off here a bit. Welcome to the forum.

texaspandj 10-11-16 09:20 PM

Welcome, I'm 100 miles south of you. Enjoy.

qcpmsame 10-12-16 05:17 AM

Another Texan, good deal (wife is from El Paso,) glad that you found the BF site, its a great, diverse group of folks. Welcome aboard.


RonH 10-12-16 05:54 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Yes, its been nice here in west central Florida since Matthew went thru. Seems it blew all the hot weather away. :thumb:

obed7 10-12-16 07:06 AM

welcome to the forums... quite a few Texans on here...for all practical purposes we have year round riding down here.

SpeshulEd 10-12-16 03:20 PM


Siu Blue Wind 10-12-16 08:04 PM

Hey glad you were able to find us! I hope that we can satisfy your needs. Enjoy the classic and vintage section here.

And welcome!

rwhyde 10-17-16 01:09 PM

What a great forum. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I am now trying to sort out how to post an image of one of my rides.
I am a vintage bike fan but sometimes make some upgrades for my personal use with the thought of potentially returning it to original. I found a Univega CB S8.3 a few months ago, a fairly unusual model I think. I had never seen one before, but it is now my current favorite "hybrid" commuter bike. now to go post an image,.....

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