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mistervic1959 11-12-16 06:06 PM

Greetings from Hampton Roads!
I have finally decided to join and participate in the bikeforums.
First things first; thank you all to everyone who has posted help tips because I have probably used your helps over the last several years to keep up my bikes. Hopefully, now I too will offer some tips.

I'll be spending most of my time in the 50+ and hybrid forums. I was an avid cyclist up until age 30-ish, then stopped. Looking back I have no idea why I stopped. At age 51 I decided I was going to ride again (my mid-life crisis?). My sons were proud of me; my better half thought I was crazy. So now at 56 I am on my fourth bike and have learned quite a bit about my cycling body. And my better half is now proud of me too. :p

My comfort hybrid, approx 1500 miles, was just slow and I actually did not realize how upright I was.
My road bike, approx 2500 miles, is no longer 'comfy' on rides - I do have back issues.
My mountain bike, approx 1000 miles, was too dangerous - okay, I was just reckless on single track. ;) There is just something about getting on a mountain bike and hitting a trail. But I can say now, after numerous wipeouts, that I was too old for what I wanted to do on my mb.

So have sold the comfort hybrid and road bike, and my son took the mountain bike. I just bought me a Giant Roam 2 and it is perfect! I'm gonna enjoy 'growing old' with my Roam. And I know I will enjoy participating in these forums.

qcpmsame 11-12-16 06:14 PM

Welcome aboard, Glad that you decided to actively join in after all those lurking years. Sounds like you know which of the forums have what you are looking for, now you can reply and post to repay all the free information.


cb400bill 11-13-16 11:35 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Vic!

10 Wheels 11-13-16 11:37 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums from a Texas rider.

StanSeven 11-13-16 11:42 AM

Welcome Vic. I've ridden a lot in the Hampton Roads area and enjoy it. Have a good time with the new bike and post often. I'm sure lots of forum members will like hearing about your experiences. We all here like to learn from others.

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