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boom5747 11-16-16 09:04 AM

Re learning
Hi! My name is Oli.

Re entered the bike world after fifteen years been 2 years biking steady.
alot has change on bikes learning but way out of my league. lol
Interested in mechanical in put . I ride a Cannondale moutain bike which I converted to road very happy looking to learn about gearing.

Keep biking enjoy

10 Wheels 11-16-16 09:07 AM

Hey Oli,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Happy Safe miles to you.

qcpmsame 11-16-16 06:16 PM

Welcome aboard Oli. Great to have you join in, the Mechanics Forum should be right up your alley.


cb400bill 11-16-16 08:25 PM


boom5747 11-21-16 03:56 PM

Thanks for replies I feel welcome!

RonH 11-21-16 05:47 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Glad you joined us. :thumb:

1joel1 11-22-16 09:14 AM

Welcome! What part of the world are you from?

curbowman 12-05-16 09:20 PM

Hello! You converted a mountain bike into a road? Can you post pictures?

DanBF 12-10-16 08:44 PM


boom5747 12-11-16 08:22 PM

I'm from Poughkeepsie N.Y

boom5747 12-11-16 08:33 PM

Originally Posted by 1joel1 (Post 19207121)
Welcome! What part of the world are you from?

Poughkeepsie N.Y.

snow_venture52 12-22-16 07:23 PM

Welcome! Glad you've re-entered the world of cyclo-mania.

1989Pre 12-22-16 07:26 PM

Hi Oli. I am also converting my MTB to a touring bike.

boom5747 12-26-16 07:27 AM

That's great got any input on gears? I want to change crank and cage.

1989Pre 12-26-16 07:36 AM

Originally Posted by boom5747 (Post 19271626)
That's great got any input on gears? I want to change crank and cage.

Go on over to Bicycle Mechanics sub-forum, Oli, and be sure to tell them about which gears you have and what you desire.

chunkymonkeybik 12-26-16 11:05 PM

converted mtb....
I did it too, converted a mountain bike into a street. Slicks with a basket. :ride:

Daspydyr 12-27-16 10:47 AM

Hey Oli, welcome aboard. I enjoy hearing and seeing rebuilds. Bikes are flexible, we can all adapt!

boom5747 12-29-16 09:06 AM

what all you done to your bike? I'm tempted on new crank and cassette got any input?

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