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Hi from Izmir / Turkiye
Hi everyone this is Firat. I'am an mechanical engineer and has got involved in bikes more than 30 years. I have two youtube channels i am so famous in my country about bicycles :) aaa also i have brand new one in English here are my channels...
Glad to meet everyone :)

Cycloman :

Geziniyo: (this is the Turkish one)

You can ask me anything about bicycles, i will be glad if i can help you :)

10 Wheels 01-11-17 10:59 PM

Hey Cycloman,

Welcome to Bike Forums

RonH 01-12-17 07:04 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Glad you joined us. :)

obed7 01-12-17 08:29 AM

welcome to the forums

qcpmsame 01-12-17 08:29 PM

Welcome aboard Cycloman, I'll be checking out your channel shortly. Good to have you joining in here.

Bill 01-18-17 10:33 AM

Glad to meet u all people :) It will be also good for me to meet new cyclist whole around the world :)

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