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HeneryHawk 03-23-17 05:20 AM

metrical Greetings...
Hello Folks
Greetings to all of You
since i just joined up, here some facts about me:
My Name is Thomas, i am male, german, 56 years of age.
After about 33 y of living Winston Churchill's silliest ever quote (no Sports),
i started biking again in 2010, using a hometrainer at first,
I'm still interested in reading both fiction and nonfiction (strictly none esoteric).
My biking preferences are "as far away from traffic as possible", due to me being
a: chicken (1 collarbone 'till now, my fault solely, but still)
b: cant' stand the smell - even 7 y past , my sense of smell is still improving,
which, of course, only other quitters will believe, never did myself, before.

My Bikes (all Steel, so far)
1996 Peugeot Jubilé 3x7, customized as halfstep (1.5 really), 674% total range
2002 Giant Boulder, customized 3x9 shimano slx/sram x0 clickshift, manitou r7
198-ish Ciocc Strada, in '97 refitted w. campagnolo racing triple (9s)

ride fast but safe


Kindaslow 03-23-17 07:41 AM

Welcome to BF!!!

How is the bike "autobahn" coming along?

coominya 03-23-17 02:40 PM

Originally Posted by HeneryHawk (Post 19461637)
Hello Folks
Greetings to all of You...
My biking preferences are "as far away from traffic as possible

2002 Giant Boulder, customized


Welcome to the forum Thomas, would love to see a pic of that Giant Boulder. I bought one recently that has the older style steel stem and V-brake setup but it's an aluminium frame with a steel fork (no suspension) an odd mix I thought. I've scoped out bikepedia but haven't tracked it's year down yet?

HeneryHawk 03-26-17 06:45 AM

Hi, coominya,
really nice ride, looks like brand new to me,
Accorrding to wikipedalia, 202 was the last steel frame, afterwards "just" aluminium.
nonetheless, itś got hte double ovalized top- and downtubes, as well as the peculiar
seatstay assy the main difference to mine being the more traditional diamond shape,
mine looks more like a dirt or bmx frame,- got a pic, but do not know how to upload.
Anyhow, since the original suspension fork was a 2.5inch travel steel sprung 2.5 kg monster.
Your'e better off with Your unicrown fork.
What's it weighing? mine (xs frame) weights 14 kg ready to ride (manitou r7 stainless seatpost
extension to fit my size, Brooks B17)
Have fun, Thomas

HeneryHawk 03-26-17 07:10 AM

Hello Kindaslow,
how do you know? in the ruhr region (around Dortmund/Essen) they really are rebuilding
a decommissioned railway track into some sort of multilane / bicicle only fast access
commuter bikobahn (called Radschnellweg Ruhr RS1) but did not try it myself.
if i know my folks, right lane will soon be declared lorry only, the left therefore ending
up being more left, but not sortafast (sorry couldn'tresist).

Who needs meat, if he can feast on seafood?
my best

1989Pre 03-26-17 08:22 AM

Hello Thomas! Welcome to Bike Forums. I enjoy your emphasis on both speed and safety :)
How do you like those R7's? (I use the Drake).

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