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Tha Bastard 07-27-17 08:40 PM

Bonjour from Québec City
Hi folks, I just discovered this forum a few weeks ago,

I currently own a 1980's Vélo Sport Courrier 12 that I turned into a Fixed Gear

I also just bought a High-End classic road bike but can't figure out the frame's brand/model

I will do a post about the frame in the C&V section soon, but I need 10 posts to be able to post an URL (picture) so I might as well introduce myself.

Or is there another way to post a picture without the use of an URL?

See you on the forum! :thumb:

Tha Bastard 07-28-17 04:01 PM

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Tha Bastard 07-28-17 04:02 PM

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Tha Bastard 07-28-17 04:03 PM

Post 4
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Tha Bastard 07-28-17 04:04 PM

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Tha Bastard 07-28-17 04:05 PM

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Tha Bastard 07-28-17 04:05 PM

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Tha Bastard 07-28-17 04:06 PM

Post #8

Tha Bastard 07-28-17 04:07 PM

Sorry about that Admins and Mods, I can't wait to know what that frame is!

Tha Bastard 07-28-17 04:08 PM

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1989Pre 07-28-17 04:52 PM

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