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JimSTer@120 07-11-18 11:04 AM

Hello from Iowa. The RAGBRAI state.
Just found the form yesterday. And this may be just what I need. I have some upright bikes that I ride on occasion. However my main ride for the past 18-19 years has been a Greenspeed recumbent trike.
And I'm looking forward to exchanging information with all of you folks.
Thanks much. Jim

RonH 07-11-18 05:49 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. RAGBRAI is a fun ride for all riders. Hope you get to ride it. Have fun.

LAJ 07-12-18 08:27 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums, JimSTer@120!

BillyD 07-12-18 08:29 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

cb400bill 07-14-18 05:46 AM

Welcome! Beure to check out our Recumbents forum.

Siu Blue Wind 07-14-18 08:24 AM

Glad you found us. I hope that we can be helpful to you

adriangzz 07-14-18 04:24 PM

Welcome Jimster

Mcingb 07-14-18 05:16 PM

Welcome from. Sioux City native!

Stamper 07-17-18 10:29 AM

Beautiful long distance biking in Iowa! Welcome!

Trsnrtr 07-19-18 05:43 AM

Welcome. GS makes a near perfect trike in my not so humble opinion. :thumb:

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