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Grumpy, whiny, old man
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I fought in a war and gone around the world. Twice. Been to dozens of county fairs, at least 15 goat fíings and more church socials and internet message forums than I can remember. Literally. Iíve been around the block more than once, but I must admit Iíve not been to every door. And at 67 I still donít know it all.

I spent 21 years serving in warships and merchants. Raised on a farm where we grew and harvested crops and raised animals including goats. I've ridden bikes for at least 60 years. It was a Christian home and that faith sort of followed me around the world and the states. Iíve participated in message forums on topics as diverse as writing, painting, philosophy, computer languages, forums about forums and others. Iíve written good code in several languages including the C series and machine. And I still havenít done it all and donít know it all.

Which is why I joined this forum Ė to socialize a bit online with like-minded people, to help others when I could, and to increase my own knowledge of biking.

Of all my online encounters the members of Bike Forums is the most unwelcoming. With few exceptions you are rude, overbearing, and the only thing that exceeds your lack of respect for others is your unearned arrogance. You spend most of your time trying to pin back other members ears than you do trying to be civil. At 67 I do know there is nothing here worth my time or efforts. You deserve each other.
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Colnago Mixte
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My Best Survival Advice for Bike Forums Users:

Stop. Caring.

Absolutely nothing that happens here is worth losing a second of sleep over in real life.
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IMHO, Many cyclists here are outspoken, opinionated, competitive, very knowledgeable, arrogant, snarky, Type-A's, who treat cycling as a form of religion. Many others are self-described "grumpy, whiny, old men". Some are both. Many others are none of these things.

Sticking with the religious theme, go to any internet forum where followers of many religions are there to discuss who's religion is better (or in this case, who's bike frame material is better), and see how civil it stays. Put those same religious zealots in a room together, and a fight would likely/eventually break out, perhaps even a murder. But put a bunch of the rudest Bike Forums posters together and the worst that will break out is a spirited race.

Please stick around to balance this place out. And, as mentioned, try to not care so much.
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To survive in the net world, you have to realize that there are many people with different opinions.

And, when one gets into forums, one also runs into Troll Hunters

I read a couple of your posts, and wonder if they are like the kid in the back of the room that raises his hand and asks... "Can I ask a question?"... Ummm... ... Why not just ask your question.

You seem to be interested in valuating a few bikes. There is a C&V Value subforum... so you're trying to figure out if you can actually ask the value of the bike without asking it.

I'm always amazed at how people price stuff on Craigslist. And, those bargain hunters are continually looking for stuff that is underpriced... and then there are those items that get stuck online because of unrealistic expectations.

Nonetheless, one can come up with an idea based on New Price, Age, Condition, Is the item still being sold new, and looking up what others are asking for online. E-Bay allows one to look up "sold listings". Unfortunately Craigslist doesn't. But, looking at actual sale prices on E-Bay can be informative.

Values, or perhaps people's interpretation of values can vary considerably across the USA and around the world, as does a difference in perspective of someone looking for bargains to buy vs someone looking for maximum sale value.

Keep in mind that none of us are "experts". We are all just offering our opinions.

You are welcome to continue to participate here. If not, good luck with your future endeavors.
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For the love of god stay away from the golf forums then. And the Harley ones!

I'm new here but I was impressed at how civil it is in this forum. The divers are really nice to each other too. But you don't want to break protocol with the golfers. No siree!
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Sorry to hear about your poor experiences, OHMO. There are a lot of egos involved in some of the forums but many of the forums are very congenial. Regardless, I hate for you to leave.
Dennis T

Where there is a will, there's a way. Where there is no will, there's an excuse.

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I am also on a Ducati forum and a Fiesta ST forum. BF is indeed the worst. I don't know why. Some people just have the attitude that if you don't do/think as they do, you are an ass. Too many personal attacks. Over riding a bicycle? WTF! OTOH. lots of people here are decent folks who try to help others. Every so often I have to remind myself to ignore the provocateurs.
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Sorry to hear of your experience. Most of Bike Forums is filled with friendly and helpful people. Please don't let a few bad apples drive you away.
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Colnago Mixte
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"Some people just have the attitude that if you don't do/think as they do, you are an ass. Too many personal attacks. Over riding a bicycle? WTF!"
And these are the posters I tend to remember most vividly.

Bicycles are supposed to be fun. And they are extremely fun. But there are people here, a small minority, that would like nothing more than to jam a broomstick into your spokes, for no reason at all, other than the fact someone did the same thing to them once, and they're simply returning the favor.

Once you realize that they're just damaged people acting out some type of tragic mental illness / inferiority complex that you personally have nothing to do with, they become much easier to ignore.
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Juan Foote
LBKA (formerly punkncat)
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Lol, been round the world, in the military trapped on a warship, and in a war...and THIS place is where you draw the line of "too much"?

Honestly, your skin can't be that thin with those experiences, can you?
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other than bike related forums, I used to participate on a car forum. They kept things civil by banning a lot of people. I don't think that's the way to do things, takes a lot more to get banned here than that place.
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For any forum, thick skin is a prerequisite!
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You gonna eat that?
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OHMO BF title: "Grumpy, whiny, old man"

I think he had a rough start and couldn't recover. If he pokes around a bit more and drops the "grumpy, whiny" part, he would get the hang of the place. Looking at the threads he started, it looks like they weren't unwelcoming at all, but I'm not inside his head and I don't know what he brought to the forum. If he was already frustrated trying to value a bike or whatever, I could see where the responses didn't help. It takes a bit of patience sometimes and I'm not sure OHMO came here with a lot of that. If he reads this, maybe he can realize that we're not out to get him but some people here don't sugarcoat things either. Maybe he can jump in and try again.

I always found BF helpful when I've needed help, so I'm a little puzzled by his post, even after looking at the threads he started. The fact that he changed a couple of his original posts to "..." kind of tells me that some of those threads got off on a bad foot from the start, at least by his reckoning.

If you're out there OHMO, have a drink or take your blood pressure pills or pet your dog or whatever calms you down, and try again. Hopefully we'll be able to help.
I stop for people / whose right of way I honor / but not for no one.

Originally Posted by bragi "However, it's never a good idea to overgeneralize."
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Stop trying to win the internet?
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Hey - you described yourself as a grumpy, whiny old man.

I checked a few posts - if Phil got under your skin, well... he gets under the skin of a bunch of us.

Lurk for a while, if you really are interested in bikes, this is one of the best sites for all types of discussions.
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Me duelen las nalgas
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All niche interest forums are the same. I've been a moderator for two other forums, each completely different topics/interests. They're all the same. If anything, bike forums is better than many.
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Nature of the beast

I've been on a pile of different forums from trucks, tractors, horseracing and team roping. What I've noticed on most forums is there are some people, not all but a few that believe you always have to buy nothing but the best of the best. It has to be up to their standards or you aren't doing it right. Then when somebody else comes along and spends more then the big spender, they're chastised for spending to much on the non-essentials. It doesn't take long on any forum to figure out who the big spender is, their advice is also worth listening too. It just needs to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt.
Hey its my first post don't beat me up to bad. Been lurking for a few months, joined a few days ago...... Great place to be.....
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Originally Posted by cb400bill View Post
Sorry to hear of your experience. Most of Bike Forums is filled with friendly and helpful people. Please don't let a few bad apples drive you away.
It took me all of 2 seconds to find a compelling counter-example in the Touring sub-forum:

Help finding a bike after surgery

I found the C&V forum extremely welcoming, even though I had no experience in that area (other than owning a 1987 Bianchi since -- 1987). My "welcome" to the touring forum was similar to this person's.
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Well...not everyone here is nice and helpful, but most people are!

Over time, I've learned that not everything comes through as intended in an internet forum...this goes for questions and bits of advice as well as sarcasm. I've also learned that the Ignore list can, in come cases be helpful
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