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Mitkraft 08-01-18 11:09 AM

Hi there!
Just thought I'd say hello and thanks for this forum and all the info here. I've been a casual cyclist all my life but got back into biking last year in an effort to get in shape. What started as a desire to commute to work a few days a week and maybe hit the trails on occasion all with my old FS 26er has become my latest obsession. I have since done a full frame up rebuild on a zombie FS 29er, bought a starter road bike, upgraded the starter road bike to DA, decided I needed something better, bought a carbon frame and built up with all my good parts, then bought a CX/gravel disc frame and built it up as my commuter since my road bike had become too good for commuting. I attempted my first century back in April but due to bike and weather issues I only made it 73 miles. I've since put a lot of miles on my bikes, learned a LOT of valuable knowledge, have signed up for a 2 day 170 mile ride in October and also plan to do the MS150 next year.

fearsfortears 08-01-18 04:01 PM

Welcome! I'm also new here; hope to see you in the forums!

3speeds2slow 08-01-18 04:06 PM

I am so glad you posted. Now I’m not the last one to have joined! :)

fearsfortears 08-01-18 04:17 PM

Originally Posted by 3speeds2slow (Post 20482930)
I so glad you posted. Now Iím not the last one to have joined! :)

Ha ha!

cb400bill 08-03-18 03:06 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums Mitkraft.

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