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Rodas23 08-06-18 04:02 AM

New Rider
hello my name is Sophia! I have a recently purchased Univega 93í I donít know yet that much about it but Iím hoping to learn via this website! Iím 28 and just getting into quality riding time, Iím not a racer nor do I plan to but I just enjoy the exercise and the fact that itís economic.
I live in so cal so it definitely helps with not having to be in traffic all the time! Santa Clarita Valley has nice bike trails Iíd like to explore too! Anyway. Any knowledge or tips are appreciated! Have a good day!

StanSeven 08-06-18 08:19 AM

Welcome Sophia. Check out the regional forums here as well

jimmyspaghetti 08-06-18 01:45 PM

I'm in a similar situation as you. Hope you learn alot!

cb400bill 08-07-18 08:26 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums Sophia!

Siu Blue Wind 08-09-18 12:55 AM

Hi Sophia! Welcome to Bike Forums from NorCal!

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