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slater5mvp 08-11-18 04:19 PM

What's is going on guys!! I will be commuting into Boston from the NorthShore in Massachusetts. Cycling will help me with not having to deal with the Boston traffic and the stress it causes.

talphie 08-12-18 05:20 AM

Welcome to the forum. Hope to visit Boston sometime. It’s on my bucket list.

StanSeven 08-12-18 09:24 AM

Welcome. I always enjoyed commuting especially for the stress reduction. I was so mellow and easy going once I got to work, nothing bothered me.

slater5mvp 08-12-18 08:12 PM

Thank you guys for the welcome. Exercising always put me in a better mood so this will only help. Plus I am always more organized when I work out.

jillsky 08-12-18 08:21 PM

Welcome! My husband also commutes to work. The traffic in San Jose is horrendous and biking is a great stress reducer for him.:)

Siu Blue Wind 08-12-18 09:53 PM

Welcome! Did you see our commuting section?

jbert240 08-13-18 09:22 PM


spudsnacks 08-14-18 11:40 AM

sounds like a grand plan. commuting by bike seems like it will be cheaper

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