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anna_adam 01-10-19 07:09 AM

Short Introduction
Hey, I am new to this forum, looking for a little motivation in here. Cycling is a new phase for me, want to be motivated towards cycling as it helps us a lot in our metabolism and physical appearance; it is also a good way to stay fit and healthy. Looking for options and suggestions one could give to a beginner? Would highly appreciate your participation in this regard.
Anna Adam

Bikedud 01-10-19 10:21 AM

Welcome to the forums. If you have any questions ask away, there are a lot of folks on here that have vast knowledge about a variety of cycling topics.

LAJ 01-10-19 08:48 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums, anna adam! I would definitely look around, and investigate which forum may appeal to the type of riding you might want to do.

rseeker 01-10-19 09:03 PM

Yeah welcome to the forum and to the world of bicycling. Maybe welcome back to it since many people had a bike as a kid. I can tell you from personal experience (I started riding as an adult-adult three years ago) that the benefits are huge for health and fitness. It's truly transformative. (It didn't change my appearance too much though; sadly, there are some things biking can't fix.)

The one thing that shocked me that I never would have realized if I hadn't seen it .. is how easy it is to steal a bike. We're talking 25 seconds to two minutes, depending on the lock. They just cut through it with common tools. So if you're planning on locking the bike, you have to learn how, and even then it's only maximizing safety, not guaranteeing it. There are videos on YouTube.

So again, welcome. This is a great community.

Trsnrtr 01-11-19 07:59 AM

Welcome. We try to have a little something for everyone. Start in General and look around the other forums. And, ask away.

StanSeven 01-11-19 04:51 PM

Welcome Anna. The one thing I can say is cycling is addictive. It’s so easy to dream about improving....and easy to do with motivation.

wgscott 01-11-19 05:04 PM

Is your middle initial M?

If so, you would have an ideal palindromic name:

Madam Anna M Adam.

Wildwood 01-13-19 09:41 PM

Best beginner advice = rubber side down.

Gearless 01-15-19 10:50 PM

Just happy how my bike's turning out

Leukybear 01-16-19 12:01 AM

Welcome Anna! For a beginner, it helps to know your limits, don't push yourself too far too soon.

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