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Mokgaga 01-11-19 02:48 PM

New to forums
Howzit :D

im from Johannesburg, South Africa or Mzansi.

i fell in love with cycling and long distance running about 8years ago. I commute to work three times (28km one way) a week. I hope to learn a lot about cycling from you guys and girls...

StanSeven 01-11-19 04:49 PM

Welcome. We have quite a few long distance riders here with lots of experience. You’ll learn loads from them.

bobwysiwyg 01-11-19 07:26 PM


Trsnrtr 01-12-19 06:37 AM

Welcome! Always happy to have new members. :thumb:

LAJ 01-12-19 06:03 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Mokgaga!

Mokgaga 01-14-19 01:42 AM

Thanks guys :thumb:

fds 01-14-19 12:40 PM


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