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MMatthews 02-15-19 09:31 PM

New here.
New to the forum. Been lurking for a few weeks. Just bought a single speed and I'm trying to learn. Live in Arkansas. I have minimal bike experience. Went single speed for simplicity and astetics. I'm a structural drafter by trade.

cb400bill 02-15-19 11:07 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Be sure to check out our Fixed Gear and Single Speed forum.

LAJ 02-16-19 06:59 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums, MMatthews!

Siu Blue Wind 02-16-19 10:03 PM

Hello there and welcome! We all start somewhere, I hope we can help you learn a lot on here.

sjt 02-17-19 01:44 PM

Tell us about your single speed!

MMatthews 02-17-19 06:50 PM

Originally Posted by sjt (Post 20799254)
Tell us about your single speed!

Kilo TT. Shimano mx30 freewheel. Spoon Charger seat. Waiting on bars to come in now. Trying to get into better shape and this is a motivator.

new2olbikes 02-17-19 09:34 PM

Newbie here, schooln time abounds, read on.. ride on!

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