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BigSparks 02-18-19 08:44 PM

Hi from Vancouver Island
Hi from Vancouver Island

Getting fat. Snow is melting. Will be riding my Classic Rickerts soon enough. There is always some maintenance to be done first. Might put together the 1977 Raleigh T.I. Team bike this year. My mountain bike needs chain sprocket and crank set as well as some rubber.

cb400bill 02-18-19 08:52 PM


Rowan 02-19-19 02:21 AM

It might seem strange, but one of my favourite riding places in the world is Vancouver Island. Machka and I have also holidayed there to the point of travelling by car from the most southern part to the most northern. Wonderful, and welcome to the new member from there.

Trsnrtr 02-19-19 06:19 AM

Hello! Welcome to the finest place to hang out and talk bikes. :thumb:

LAJ 02-20-19 08:52 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums, BigSparks! Western Speedway is the first place I'd ride to once I got off the ferry.

StanSeven 02-20-19 11:32 AM


dangraham 02-25-19 07:04 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums! I had never heard of a Rickerts until I saw your post. Looked around on-line ... nice looking bikes that's for sure!

delbiker1 02-26-19 07:08 PM

Welcome! Vancouver is one of the places on my list of places I really want to see.

BigSparks 03-04-19 02:22 PM

Western Speedway is an annual event for the grand kids and I. I have motorcycled a route from there going north on Millstream rd. to Millstream Lake rd. to Munn rd. to Prospect Lake to Elk lake. I will do that by pedal power next time I visit family in Victoria. Some really narrow winding roads. Should be super on the road bike.

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