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LegalIce 07-16-02 08:17 PM

So who am I anyway...(like you care...)
I am a biker wannabe... I wanna be a biker... I bought a Trek 800 Sport 5 years ago this month. A cheap bike, but tons better than the Murray it replaced. Problem is I moved a few months later and changed law schools, adopted a child and on and on, so my Trek 800 collected dust and cob webs. Then I moved again...

After figuring out that the practice of law is not for me, I returned to software development with a company here in Evansville. As it turns out, many of my new coworkers and neighbors in my new neighborhood bike. I live a quick 5 minutes from Angel Mounds trails, so back on the bike I go. Have probably ridden a few hundred miles over the last month, and that's about 198 more than I have ridden since I started to drive about 20 years ago.

I love it so much I am going to spend money I don't have on a real road bike, albeit low-end. Hope to ride at least one century next year, with the local Great Pumpkin Metric on my immediate ride list. (Ocr. 13 - Evansville - see for more details) Hope to do the 100K if I can get more time in the road saddle over the next 6-8 weeks.

Love the forums and open discourse...Let's ride!

Greg :D

MediaCreations 07-16-02 08:24 PM

Lots of information. Thanks for helping us to get to know you.

Welcome to the forums. We look forward to hearing of your progress.

mechBgon 07-16-02 08:52 PM

Welcome, great to hear your story of enthusiasm :) It's great that you've got people to ride with (co-workers even!) and the blessing of some good places to ride, too. See you around... :)

RonH 07-17-02 01:08 PM

Welcome to BikeForums Greg.
Have you started commuting to work yet? That will help get you ready for the Great Pumpkin metric and the century you want to do. :thumbup:

Richard D 07-18-02 02:17 AM

Ssshhh don't tell everyone but my first degree is Law and I now work in computing of sorts ;)

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