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Tre Free 06-17-19 12:35 PM

Hello from DC!
Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. New to cycling, but not new to being an active athlete. Doing about 60-100 miles every week after a month. I like pushing myself past perceived limitations, but I also like to have fun and being relaxed and chill when doing it. Looking to become more active in the DC bike community so give me a shout DMV!

Best thing about cycling: discovering new places in my community I would have otherwise never knew existed.

Hermes 06-17-19 01:37 PM

Welcome. I used to live in DC.

StanSeven 06-20-19 10:46 AM

Check out Potomac Peddlers. They have multiple weekend rides and some weekday evenings. Rides are all distances and speeds and all over the DC metro area.

Siu Blue Wind 06-21-19 06:51 PM

Hello there and welcome! :)

LAJ 06-21-19 09:35 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Tre Free!

Dannihilator 06-21-19 09:35 PM


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