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Needabanana 07-13-20 01:09 PM

Hello from central Virginia
Howdy All: Like many others I have returned to biking this year. With 30+ miles of trail outside of my door, I have shifted from being a roadie to mountain biking. And what a switch it is, given how much bikes have evolved since I bought my first mtb.

I am 58 and have been riding since I was a kid. I raced briefly in my teens at the local level, enough to experience the sport but certainly not at a high competitive level. The best set of experiences I had on a bike was in when I was in grad school and had a regular riding schedule with two other guys and we regularly got in 150 mile weeks. In coming back to the sport, I find I am less drawn to the road because of the sheer number of cars, and because I have to ride longer distances just to get to open road.

I have also started doing most of my own bike work, which required tooling up and sorting out the baffling array of specifications and standards required to update my older bikes. All of my bikes are made in USA and keepers. I tend to buy good --but not high end-- bikes and keep them. Currently I ride a Lemond Zurich still bike and a Trek 7000 old school rigid aluminum bike.

TampaBayBoater 07-13-20 07:40 PM

Welcome to the forum Needabanana and great intro!

treysi 07-15-20 05:46 AM

hello there! welcome to the forum

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