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LongTallClyde 07-21-20 04:45 PM

Clyde, amateur restorer/rebuilder, here for chat and advice
Hi everybody! I decided to get an account because I've done a few tear down/rebuild projects, but I have a few coming up that I may need some advice on. It's a sickness, I all started when I got my stepson an old Mongoose Rockadile off of Craigslist. It had been left out in the rain and had mud caked on it everywhere, but it looked like it had good bones so I paid $20 for it.... and thought I'd just clean it up and whatnot...but I couldn't stop, and ended up tearing it all the way down and stripping the frame to bare aluminum.

Since then I've done my '85 Trek 460 from teardown to rebuild, and an '82 Fuji that was mostly just swapping parts. And I'm just waiting on tires for an 80s Ross 10-speed that I did for practice.

Well, I just came in to some really nice vintage bikes, mid '70s: a pair of Raleigh his/hers, and a Schwinn. I've taken some liberties with my previous projects, but I want to get this exactly right and as close to original as possible. So I figure I can get some good help here.

Can't post a link to the aforementioned projects, apparently...I guess I'll stick around until I can haha. See you in the Classic and Vintage forums!

Rage 07-22-20 07:01 AM


LongTallClyde 07-22-20 09:07 AM

Thank you!

Swampthing 07-30-20 01:18 PM

Welcome aboard
Welcome aboard
I find wrenching about on bikes relaxing after a day at work when the weather is too lousy to ride.

E.blan 07-31-20 01:42 PM

Hey!!! I'm hear for the same... And to look at everyone's cool bikes 😅

Swampthing 07-31-20 03:32 PM

Yep the pictures.
there are some skilled photographers here with some beautiful bikes.
I am not, and donít, but enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Calaloo 08-02-20 05:38 AM

Welcome. I'm in the same boat.

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