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Seb1987 01-13-21 08:45 AM

Hello everyone
Hello there,

I'm Sebastien and I'm studying bike mechanics so I can work in a bike store sometime soon, I hope :)
The pandemic has illustrated in my city, Brussels, that cycling is the future here and I want to take part in it's expansion.
For the moment I ride a Scott Subcross M40 but soon I would like to build a road bike cause I wanna ride far and fast ;).
I'm joining this forum to learn and ask questions cause I don't find everything online.

rumble b 01-13-21 11:12 AM

Hello and welcome!

stevel610 01-13-21 11:12 AM

Welcome! Good luck with your work.

10 Wheels 01-13-21 11:13 AM

Have Fun Posting.

Rage 01-13-21 12:28 PM


zandoval 01-13-21 12:45 PM


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