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UncleG 02-09-21 08:51 AM

Hello from Tidewater,

Wikipedia "Tidewater region" for more info. It's a piedmount area, flat, beaches, outer banks, fishing, vild und swine. Temporate climate, perhaps a bit like France.

Mid-60s, have ridden most of my life, with a few periods of inactivity due to outside interference with my leisure time!

Mostly Road, mostly touring but I also have a "mountain bike" that I use on dirt paths, shell marl, beach roads etc... credit card tours around the state during garden week are also very enjoyable.

Rage 02-09-21 08:57 AM

Welcome to the gang!
Sounds like you will fit in here quite well.

Trsnrtr 02-09-21 09:06 AM


Emuncy 02-10-21 06:35 AM

Welcome to the forum

twix2281 02-14-21 04:29 AM

Welcome to the forum!

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