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Alfresco 02-21-21 02:41 PM

Back to cycling after 30 years
Just bought a new Giant Escape. Havnt cycled for more than 30 years. Had a Super Galaxy then.

10 Wheels 02-21-21 03:43 PM

Witch One?

giant escape bike - Google Search

Rage 02-21-21 03:51 PM

Welcome back!

Alfresco 02-21-21 06:02 PM

Escape 3 Disk 2021, metallic black, size L

Eric F 02-21-21 06:18 PM

Welcome back. A little over a year ago, I returned from a 15-year hiatus. It feels good to be back on the bike again. I hope you have a great time. :)

DomoNishiki 02-28-21 03:50 PM

Congrats coming back full circle. Same here. I finally found the bike for me. Enjoy.

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