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Ayeobe 04-29-21 07:02 PM

G'day from Quebec!
Hello, Hello!

I have nither been super active in a forum, or ridden a bike, in over a decade... i've already made a post in Vintage, wondering about what Peugeot i got myself into...

Today, i rode for the first time in over 12 years for over an hour, and covered somewhere around 12km. It works out that there are some new bike paths and improved cycling "safety" since i rode as a kid and into the 2000s. The old bike path has aquired a few new cracks and bumps but it's just as pleasant a scene as ever...

Anyway, i hope to ride often now that i've got a decent bike (still needs tires, brake pads and adjusting..) and a helmet.. and i also may verry well commute with it on occasion, as my workplace really is not far.. and i have a co-worker who is into bikes, aswell, which helps!

Glad to be here, and i look forward to learning more about vintage bike and i may very well buy, fix up and sell some. the market is booming and if i dont sell em ill just end up hording them all haha

10 Wheels 04-29-21 09:09 PM

Welcome from a Texas Rider.

Good Intro.

Rage 04-29-21 09:45 PM

G’day, eh?

Tiagra77 04-30-21 01:06 PM

Bienvenue. Do you live in Québec city or province of Québec ?

zabicdrozda 04-30-21 01:36 PM

Hello fellow Canadian!

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