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Lothar1066 05-13-21 07:43 AM

message 1
cant post a photo of my new bike until I have made 10 post. sorry

10 Wheels 05-13-21 07:54 AM

You can tell us about your bike and where you like to ride it.

cb400bill 05-13-21 08:41 AM

Lthar1066, welcome to Bike Forums.

After finding your post, I thought Iíd take a minute to explain to you why you canít post a picture yet. We are by far the largest bicycle themed forum in the world. And, therefore, we are a ripe target for spammers to attempt to advertise their wares. In an effort to reduce the amount of spam that we have to deal with, we have instituted a few policies.

One of which is withholding new forum members from posting pictures or links until they have made 10 posts. That gives the moderation staff enough time to sort out most of the spammers from the real forum members. Another measure we have installed is a 5 posts in 24 hours limit to new forum members. Once you get past 10 posts both of those restrictions are automatically removed.

Forums want new threads and posts and welcome new forum members. This may upset some people and they may vent about it. We understand. An easy way to get your post count up is to go to our Introductions forum and introduce yourself. Then maybe take a couple of minutes and greet some other new forum members.

Thank you.

Forum Moderator

cb400bill 05-13-21 08:42 AM

Pic Assist -

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