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fmw 07-22-05 06:40 PM

Newbie old guy.
Thanks for the welcome. I'm an enthusiastic bike rider but almost all of my riding is done alone for exercise. I ride hard but, at my age, it doesn't amount to much. Not even the dogs are impressed. Nevertheless, I get into the saddle for about an hour every morning and enjoy the fresh air and dog races. Luckily, I live in the country so heading out on country roads just means getting to the end of my driveway. At the crack of dawn, I can sometimes go 5 or 10 miles before I see my first car. That's nice.

I ride a mid priced Italian road bike that is completely stock except for the saddle. I have a hybrid as well that I use whenever I go into town on a bicycle and I even have a mountain bike that's way over this old guy's head. I find riding off the road really chanllenging but I don't do it very often.

I operate a forum as well that is involved with cooking. I love to cook and I do it pretty well. If you like to talk about kitchens and cooking join us at

I look forward to some interesting bicycle related discussion.

RonH 07-23-05 07:48 AM

Welcome to BF. :beer:

Old?? What's that? I'm 60, a bike commuter and weekend roadie and I'm not old.

What kind of bikes do you have? "mid priced Italian road bike" doesn't give us much information. ;)

fmw 07-23-05 10:50 AM

I'm 61, not old in the overall scheme of things but older than most road bike riders. The mount is a Celeste colored 2002 Bianchi Veloce. It's a steel framed, campy powered road bike. I've replaced the saddle with a Selle Italia model that has some give at the back and I use Speedplay X2 pedals because they allow some foot rotation and that makes it easy on the knees and hips. I ride daily, mostly alone, on country roads. I live in the country, and work here as well, so I don't have far to go. Hope that completes the introduction satisfactorily. Glad to know I'm not the only gray haired person on the forum.

RonH 07-23-05 06:02 PM

Nice Bike. :beer:


Originally Posted by fmw
Glad to know I'm not the only gray haired person on the forum.

There are lots of "older" members in the fifty plus (50+) forum. But be careful, some of them are OLD. ;)

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