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HelenP 01-17-22 11:20 AM

Hey all, from Brooklyn, NY
My name is Helen. I have a Trek FX2 hybrid which I was lucky to be able to purchase back during the dry period in earlier Covid times when the economy was halted - her name is Frieda. Her almost twin predecessor had been stolen and, especially during those times, minimizing MTA (NYCís public transit) usage felt crucial as part of flattening the curve.

Perhaps like yourself, my very first bicycle was converted from my then not-so-tiny tricycle - mine was Barbie and bright pink! Afterwards years gone by, we had a family car but that doesnít make sense in the city. I got around mostly by public transit or simply walking. But then I moved back from college and Bloomberg (NYCís then mayor) came to office, and we now had the beginnings of bike lanes! There was a small but gaining sense of bike publicity to make it just enough to get around with a sense of safety (back in Ď06). Now we have Citibikes and the city has been more and more accommodating through the years; Iíve been riding for transportation/recreation/exercise ever since! I average around 60 miles/week.

Rage 01-18-22 07:46 AM

Good to meet you, Helen!

BTinNYC 01-24-22 12:31 PM

Welcome Helen from the cool borough!


rumrunn6 01-24-22 12:35 PM

welcome! I'm originally from The Bronx. was in Boston this weekend & was happy to see some "protected" bike lanes. despite any lame opposition, we do have some progress!

9045banana 01-24-22 06:52 PM

Nice to meet you

K9bici 01-29-22 05:33 PM


veinwell 02-05-22 04:39 PM

I think if i cycled in Brooklyn, I'd definitely pack on the pounds with post ride pizza in DUMBO! welcome!

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