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RidingAroundCT 06-23-22 06:18 AM

Greetings from Connecticut

Just starting to get back into riding bikes. I haven't hopped on a bike in probably 30 years or so. Things have changed recently to let me go back to looking at bikes. My job has moved a LOT closer to me (under 10 miles) and with gas being so high I'm looking for alternatives to get to work. I was gifted a 1972 Schwinn Chicago that has some rust on the rims but overall looks good. So my plan is to fix her up and get her roadworthy and start riding in the late summer/fall. I have several parks near me with paved areas that I can practice on before making the dive into commuting to work.

10 Wheels 06-23-22 10:08 AM

Get some Bright Lights for Day Safety.

RidingAroundCT 06-23-22 11:03 AM

Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 22551608)
Get some Bright Lights for Day Safety.


and absolutely! I'm actually looking into lights and turn indicators

BarbarianDiva 06-23-22 11:54 AM


RidingAroundCT 06-23-22 12:08 PM

Originally Posted by BarbarianDiva (Post 22551755)

Thanks :) Good to be here

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