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JmanBuilder 06-29-22 12:22 AM

Hello from Eastern Canada!
Long time lurker (for all the great info available here), first time poster. Mostly into refurbishing/rebuilding whatever decent and vintage bikes I can get my hands on. Quiver of completed projects currently consists of a 1986 Marinoni Special, 1980's Gardin, and mid 1980's Miele. Current project is a Limongi (I think, looking forward to see if anyone can identify the frame once able to upload pictures. Cheers and thanks for all the great info over the years!

Bearhawker 06-29-22 05:33 AM

Cheers from PEI

Rage 06-29-22 06:24 AM

Welcome from NYC! Sounds like you’re gonna fit right in around here.

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