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Marinated NJ 09-21-05 07:46 AM

Trying to get back into riding- NJ
I am just getting back into the saddle after a 14 year hiatus, consisting of motorcycles, quads and jetskis. I grew up racing BMX in the ABA and NBL national circuits and did some competition overseas as well.

I just purchased a left over 05 Marin Hawk Hill SE and have been trying to log about 10-20 miles a day on it just to keep my juices flowing.

I am kicking myself for selling many of my cycle specific tools, stands and other stuff but I guess those are the breaks. I am a pretty competent mechanic on almost anything, but I need to read up on stuff that is foreign to me on bikes like gears that shift and disc brakes.

I am looking to keep the trails relatively light at this time, since I have a GF in tow much of the time. Anything within riding distance of Paramus, NJ?

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