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jrtrent 10-09-05 11:41 AM

thanks to Tightwad
I've enjoyed Tightwad's posts about his experience with Worksman Cycles, and have recently taken delivery on their middleweight roadster with 3-speed hub. Due to a foot ailment, my doctor recommended pedaling instead of walking for mild exercise. I had a Raleigh Technium that I never used (high-pressure, skinny tires and a crouched-over seating position just weren't fun), but fondly remembered riding a Schwinn Typhoon 2-speed as a youngster. Schwinn dealers seem to have disappeared in my area, but a search of BikeForums, and Tightwad's posts, led me to Worksman as an alternative. The telephone salesman didn't go out of his way to be delicate, but some of the best purchasing advice I've ever gotten was his comment--after asking my height, weight, age, and recent riding experience--that I would definitely need the wider seat and reduced gearing of a smaller front sprocket. The bike is fun to ride, and so far has elicited "Nice bike!" comments from at least one pedestrian or driver on each excursion.

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