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rustybox 09-15-02 12:08 PM

greetings from the U.K.
hi all, i am 24 male and obviously from the UK.
i am new to riding and i plan to use my bike to get to work, go out, etc, basically road and trail biking, NO fast mountain biking stuff.

i hope there are some other British people here that fancy a chat.

i hope to hear from anyone soon.

take care all

p.s. i am from Essex and my name is Russell

dirtbikedude 09-15-02 09:16 PM

Greetings and welcome to our community of addicts (cycling). If you hang around here long enough and keep ridin' you will become one also. You will also find there are alot of riders from your side of the globe.

Ellie 09-16-02 08:05 AM

Hi Russell,

I'm pretty near Essex, in Cambridgeshire. I ride on roads, with occasional tow path excursions that are loads of fun on a road bike! :)


rustybox 09-16-02 12:34 PM

hi Ellie

have you got msn messenger?
maybe we could chat online soon?

take care


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