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two wheels good 09-19-02 10:24 AM

Yet Another Brit from Hampshire
Hi all,
Just found this site - you seem a friendly bunch!
I am also a Hampmpshire commuter. Unfortunately I have a 65 minute train journey that separates the two 5 mile sections of my commute ride. First 5 are in beautiful Hampshire lanes, second across London - yuk - but it beats using the underground.
Came back to cycling a year ago (after 30 years gap) only ever ridden on the road with a 'proper' road bike.

Richard D 09-19-02 10:27 AM

Well pretty friendly ;)

How is the clampdown on bikes on trains affecting you or are you South West trains rather than South Central?

Welcome to the forums.


Bokkie 09-26-02 09:35 AM

A bit late from me, but welcome to the forum! A lot of good advice to be found here. I'm in Kreepy Crawley.

You'll get to the know ones you can trust and the ones to ignore!

whauxwell 09-29-02 01:21 PM

Greeting from another new member from Basingstoke Hampshire UK.

earleybird 09-29-02 02:13 PM

Welcome from another Brit down in the south west.

Hearing about your daily commute to `the smoke' makes me feel really lucky to live and work from home in the country.I guess it must be depressing riding in but invigorating traveling back home every day.

Hants Commuter 10-02-02 05:41 AM

Two Wheels Good - Welcome from another newbie in Hampshire

two wheels good 10-02-02 06:14 AM

Sorry guys I should obviously look in more often!

South West Strains have the franchise for Alton - Waterloo. The current restriction is two fold. Stations Woking, Guildford and closer to London ban bikes between 7 and 10 am - outside that there is in theory no restriction
They are intoducing new laughing stock (that are currently out of action more often than not) These don't have a guards van and can only take 2 bikes or wheelchairs. My train currently has at least 10 to 12 bikes on it every morning so as soon as the new trains are working..........

I would soooooo much like to work from home but the work's in the big smoke so I'm stuck with the commute for at least another 10 years (unless I win tonght's rollover!)

Keep on pedalling!


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