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bakman 10-02-02 02:15 PM

straight from italy: ciao!
hi everybody, my name is roberto but my friends call me bakman (becouse i'll tell you next future... it's a long story),i'm 30 years old, i'm from italy and i love this sport. i live in Vicenza, Veneto region,where a lot of italian bike parts are made. ( is'it enough one name "campagnolo"!) so i grow up with the culture of cycling.
here in my region you can find a lot of hill and mountains ready to be climb ed!.
i like your site and i'm here to share with you this passion.
i apologize for my writing... ciao

Cipher 10-02-02 02:27 PM

Welcome aboard! Looking forward to hearing the story behind the name... Cheers!

webist 10-03-02 01:41 PM

hi And welcome. Looking forward to your posts.

bac 10-04-02 06:53 AM

Welcome Roberto!! :D

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