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horizon 10-05-02 02:32 AM

lets ride
hi gang!
Just dropping in on your party.Seems as if you guys join from all over the world,yet I have yet to find another Coloradan.We'''ve been having some of the best weather we've had all year out this way.Perfect for riding.Looking forward to chatting,and/or getting together for some riding.

RonH 10-07-02 08:18 AM

Welcome to BikeForums. :beer:
What kind of bike(s) do you have?


Originally posted by horizon
I have yet to find another Coloradan.
Look a little harder. This place is overrun with Colorado members. :D

webist 10-07-02 11:17 AM

Welcome to the forums. I certainly haven't noticed any shortage of Colorado participants. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Alan Perkins 10-07-02 11:41 AM

RonH got it dead on. What kind of bikes DO you have? I'm always interested to hear what folks ride for what reasons.

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