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Freewheeling Sp 05-11-06 01:59 PM

New from DC
I've come to bikeforums many times to search mechanical advice and other information. I decided I should finally join up.

I'm mainly a bike commuter. I try to get to 1 or 2 bike tours in the summer. Last year I did the Tour de Vin down in central Va. Very nice. There's no better way to explore the countryside than on a bike.


Life is short. Save time for a bike ride.

Guest 05-11-06 02:08 PM

Welcome to bikeforums! Stay dry, now. :)


tulip 05-11-06 08:01 PM

Yeah, what Koffee said! What's your commute like?

Freewheeling Sp 05-12-06 06:02 AM


I have a nice commute. It's 15 miles each way and most of it is a way from heavy traffic. I can do it in an hour, or I can take some scenic detours.


Life is short. Save time for a bike ride.

Blackberry 05-12-06 06:25 AM

Welcome FWS,

if you liked the Tour de Vin, you might enjoy the Tour de Madison coming up next Saturday. It's a bit of a stretch from DC--about 75 miles, I think, but a lovely event in the country. I plan to be there:

tulip 05-12-06 06:32 PM

nice. Check out the VLC (very long commute club) in the commuting forums.

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